Outdoor living is a growing trend for homeowners, and those in Central Florida are fortunate to enjoy the potential for outdoor living year-round thanks to the region’s mild winters. If you want to increase your opportunities for outdoor living, a backyard deck or front porch can provide you with a beautiful space to lounge, entertain, and enjoy sunny afternoons at home. To design a deck that fits your space, look no further than United Trades. In addition to decking and outdoor living spaces, we can create fences, entry gates, and other custom property features that will make your house feel more like home.


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How a Deck Enhances Your Home

Backyard decks and wooden front porches offer a quaint aesthetic with exceptional functionality. With a deck, you will have the foundation for an outdoor kitchen or living room, while a porch can extend the seating space of your home and allow you to make more use of your front yard. Below, you’ll see more of the distinctive benefits that a deck can offer:

  • Add outdoor living space – Whether you want somewhere to set up a hammock or a large outdoor entertaining space, a deck will provide the level and polished space you need to create the environment you want. A deck can also make more out of yard space that is not suitable for gardening or traditional landscaping, allowing you to use more of your property.
  • Increase home value – Though a deck will not be included in the total square footage of your home, it will contribute to your home value, especially as outdoor living continues to gain in popularity.

Choosing the Right Decking Materials

Traditionally, decks are constructed from hardwoods, which will provide a beautiful traditional aesthetic and durability against the elements when they are properly sealed. If, however, you want a lower-maintenance outdoor deck, you might look to engineered woods, fiberglass, and other synthetic decking materials. With these choices, you might spend more on your project upfront, but you will never have to reseal or refinish the surface of your deck. You’ll also have the comfort of knowing that your deck is resistant to mold, warping, sun damage, fading, and peeling. Regardless of which materials you choose, you can rest assured that United Trades will install your deck to your specifications while working on time and on budget.

When you want to improve the exterior of your home, United Trades can provide the services you need to bring every project together. To get an estimate for your upcoming deck installation, call us today.